• ┬áREALISM BROWS: Individual imitation hairs to achieve a natural, classic result.
  • COMBINATION BROWS: Individual imitation hairs with subtle shading for added definition.
  • POWDERED BROW: A powder finish with subtle shading for the ultimate definition.


  • EYELASH ENHANCEMENT: Implanting pigment into the lash line to give the appearance of thicker lashes, adding definition.
  • BABY EYELINER: The definition of an eyelash enhancement with a subtle flick for added glamour.


  • LIP CONTOUR: Define the lip line, improve symmetry and fullness to lips. I can restore shape and natural colour or add a flush of colour if desired.
  • LIP BLUSH: Definition of the lip contour with added blush, blending into lip tissue.
  • FULL LIP COLOUR: Definition of the above with full lip coverage.


  • BEAUTY SPOT: A strategic dot placed to give a natural result for you. Popular just above the lip or high on the cheekbone.